It’s cold out there, but it’s warm in bed.

Who needs to sleep? Certainly not this kitten.

As I lay in bed blinking at my alarm clock this morning, I couldn’t believe I was awake at 5:03 a.m. I had gone to bed around 12:30, didn’t my body need more sleep? It sure did, I was begging to go back to sleep.

Why didn’t you? I’m sure you’re asking at this point like I’m some kind of idiot. Well we’re getting there. Hold your Monday horses, please.

Before we go any further, I have to share another piece of information with you: I am a worrier.

Worried I’ll sleep through my alarm on important mornings (today not being one of them.)

Worried about travelling friends and their safety.

Worried about the happiness of those around me.

Worried about that time, that one place, that one those numerous stupid things I said.

Or in the case of this morning, worried my office would smell.

Back story: My Friday lunch was delicious. Grilled salmon and mixed greens. One problem. I forgot to take my garbage out at the end of the day (too worried about beating traffic to get to the ACC) and by the time I remembered everyone else in the office had left. Two full days of fishy garbage. Bossy is going to lose it.

So bushy eyed and bright tailed I headed to the office with two forms for Febreeze in my bag. I was an hour early for work to make sure I was the first one in the office. It’s Monday, who’s racing in?

I unlocked the door and nothing. No smell, not even in my office.  Needless to say the lack of sleep hit me at that exact moment. Nothing left to worry about; can I nap in my desk chair?

Tea was a must.

Large Earl Grey, one milk, one sweetener. PLEASE.

With all my spare time this morning I changed up the nail colour. I feel like a Knighthawks fan – only #10.

I treated my coworkers to a morning surprise they all came in to a coffee/tea/hot chocolate on their desk and a communal box of 20 18 timbits. A few may have gone missing on the walk across the street.

I can’t see this being a productive day. I’ll leave the creative writing till tomorrow and stick to website updates today.

Happy Monday, ya’ll.