Motivation is the driving force which helps us to achieve goals.

So maybe the title is a bit too thoughtful for a lunchtime post.

I brought a lunch to work today – which is a first in a while. I try not to eat out too often which results in me snacking on apple sauce, or almonds, or whatever else I find shoved in a desk drawer. I also brought miso soup and instant oatmeal to work today – step in the right direction.

That doesn’t really matter – yay for me, I ate lunch, right? – The real benefit of bringing a lunch means that I had my lunch hour to do a little spring cleaning. The task at hand was my desk and my work messenger bag.

This is what I was faced with:

I'm a messy kid.

Oh I felt motivated.

squeeky clean after.

Do you see my buddy hanging out in the corner? I swear he’s what keeps me going daily.

daily motivation.

Andrea gifted me Buddha at Christmas, she knew I was looking for a handsome fat one since I have a stunningly regal Tibetan one already. The photo I took in Strawberry Fields in Central Park. NYC Baby. Little love for Johnny boy.

NEXT! My messenger bag that I bought on a super sale at FCUK in January acted as a dumping ground for my life. It needed more work than the desk.

Besides the numerous receipts which I tossed (or piled to give to my boss – hello, expenses) look at the odd gems I found in this bag:

the goods.

That’d be: a roll of stamps, two bottles of nail polish (right said red and nude now), two plastic heart boxes that were left over from Carly’s Valentines Day care package, a plastic frog stir stick from a martini, a sheet of sparkly star stickers, cards from Katey, and Carly and a bridal shower invitation.

I’m with you, no idea why any of this belongs in my work bag. It’s coming out tonight.

I also found these:

Why yes, I DO get what I want with this personality of mine.

Okay, maybe a balance of charming personality and pouty face gets me what I want.

I can’t tell you the last time I had Chinese food, so I have no idea where these fortunes have come from. I do know, though, that I was such a smart cookie to keep them. I am a firm believer that my baked goods talk to me, whether it is words of comfort or words of wisdom. Fortune cookies just take my belief and make it all kinds of literal.

The cleaning thing I do need to apply to all different parts of my life, not just my I really don’t feel like doing work bag. My place is a disaster, clothes and clutter everywhere. My life is also a bit of a disaster; I need to revisit those goals of mine  and get 2011 back on track. Clean the floor. Clean my clothes. Clean out my closet. Cleanse my body? I think that sounds like the best idea.

Now to think of a reward for doing all this good – once I do all the good. Any ideas?