Back up and running.

First let me say, when I began typing back up it came out as one word, and I proceeded to shake my booty for a bit. The beginning of this post has taken a bit to get going. A small Thursday night dance party in my room. Everyone’s invited!

Room..hmm…see what I wrote there? Not basement, ROOM! I’ve moved. I’m now an official annex resident. Hello, Toronto. We are sparking our love affair yet again. I hope our relationship survives this time.

It was one of those things I kept pretty quiet. I told close friends, and my family, but I felt if I said it out loud (read: on twitter) it would some how be jinxed. I was too excited to let that happen. Now as I get ready for my sixth night in my new room, in my old bed, I know it’s for real. I can spread the word and it won’t all be snatched out from underneath me. And if it does? They are moving my mattress down the three flights of stairs.

Slowly but surely I started to bring things over and got far too overwhelmed when I was living out of two houses, and everything was a mess.

A week ago as I stared at the last of what needed to be moved, I couldn’t help think how I should have ignored my father and just booked a truck to drive over my mattress.

“Not to worry,” he says confidently. “Hugh can fit it in his truck, we’ll be fine.”

The kiss of death. Of course it didn’t fit in his truck – it would have fit in the Yukon I wanted to rent – instead dad and uncle hoist it to the roof of uncle’s Ford Explorer and begin tying it down with yellow rope that I ran out to purchase at Rona.

The trip from West Mississauga to Central Toronto began. It looked something like this:

And it only took the side streets. Talk about a long trip. The twins up in the front kept me amused the whole time as they told old family stories and took turns holding the strung rope through the open sunroof. I was a degree above panicked.

It didn’t matter though, I was home. My new home.

This is where I will share very embarrassing information about myself. Every time I drive into the city and get my first good view from the Gardiner Expressway of downtown Toronto and the CN Tower I smile. Every time I set out of a subway station in the core of the city, I smile. I just can’t get enough of Toronto. The day I stop smiling is the day I know I need to leave here for a while.

One of my roommates has a cat, which I think is essential for living in the city since you never know when you’ll encounter a mouse/rat. There is only one problem. I can’t bond with Toby. I miss Mindy far too much still, she has yet to come home and I’m still so heartbroken. Sadly Toby has not become privy to this information as he hangs out with me every minute I’m home. He is currently staring at me from his perch on my bed.

Aren't I lovable, Laur?

Even though I have stayed in this house numerous times, I am still getting to know the area. I’m trying to settle on my new gym location, and the best place to get a coffee. I want to experience all the great little brunch places, and connect with everyone who is in the area.Thanks to teamup I found out there is a spinning/aerial yoga studio within steps from my door. Literally down the street. bspoke athletics, you and I are going to become fast friends! Anyone want to hang from aerial silks with me? I can only see it being all kinds of fun…oh and painful, I’m going to hurt but I need a really good stretch.

Now that I’m settled, my wifi is working again, and I am freely able to speak about my life overhaul without freaking myself out, I’ll be back to my regular scheduled blogging. I’ve missed S&S, I just knew that I wasn’t in the right place to share.

So lately I’ve checked a few things off my 2011 goals list: I moved, my May and June dates were bad but got done, I went to the Opera, and I donated a HUGE bag of clothes. How productive!

Any Toronto peeps wanna jam soon?