Checkin’ out the co-eds.

Before the move I worked out in an all-women’s gym. Since leaving university in 2007, I never cared about what I wore to the gym, what my hair looked like, or if I had makeup on my face. My slightly hairy legs and over-sized ripped tees were no deterrent to my sweaty routine. I felt comfortable to use the free-weights, as much mirror space as I wanted, and sprint or lunge up and down the  narrow hallways like I owned the joint. I knew all the trainers, and most of the women who frequented the location, it was like a second home.

I lucked out when I was looking for jobs in Calgary and landed a sweet gig in the headquarters of a fitness empire – three brands, 25 locations province wide. With the new job, I was also handed three gym memberships. Two for me and one for my spouse…oh wait….so, I have three memberships.

Though the majority of my work is done for the all-women’s brand, our head office is in a really nice co-ed location. I still get to the all-women’s gym to understand the culture and to better interact with members, but it is just too convenient to walk out of my office and into the gym.

What a major shock to the system! Adding men into the mix was one thing, but it’s also a whole different culture of ladies.

Thankfully, I still don’t care.

I love that I’m a sweaty mess. I love that my face turns bright red when I workout (I get it from my momma – thin skin).

I huffed and puffed as I got through Week 2, Day 3 of the C25k training series on the treadmill, people watching while singing in my head to keep me from asking repeatedly why I am doing this to myself.

There was a great mix of muscle men on the treadmills, old men on the recumbent bikes watching TV, a girl in teeny shorts on the elliptical, and a meat head in a tank top watching the girl in teeny shorts on the elliptical.

I have nothing against anyone who is trying to get a workout in. I encourage everyone to break a sweat, and better themselves no matter the intensity. What I do have a bit of an issue with is those who seem to pay a monthly gym membership to flirt. Sure, you know the people you meet are interested in fitness, and depending on the dues it may be less expensive than a dating site, but please don’t take up a treadmill I could use.

Tonight, I watched a girl in full makeup, with her hair down, wearing cropped tights and an off the shoulder sweater, look for her next boyfriend. She walked slowly on a treadmill with her head on a swivel. Luckily for her well-groomed appearance I didn’t notice a bead of sweat. She gave the once-over to any man who came her way and finally settled on the above mentioned meat head in a tank top. He sweat enough for the both of them.

I don’t understand that aspect of the gym. Maybe it is because I have worked out in a same-sex environment for so many years, or possibly because I don’t get gussied up, so why would I want to talk to men? I am there to better myself, that takes up all of my time and dedication.

I guess I can chalk it up to funny observations on a Tuesday night. I know what you’re thinking…mind your own business, Bridgman! No way! I can’t get enough of people watching, and I will sweat like a maniac while I do it. So there! *sticks out tongue*

The only cute part to tonight’s workout?

My bow! (The real best part of the photo is how wicked the scar through my eyebrow looks – maybe I cracked my head open on a rock after falling down a flight of stairs, maybe not).

I’m still getting used to the bangs, and when I decided on my wicked haircut I didn’t take into account how gross bangs would get when I got sweaty. If I do nothing, they stick to my five-head and encourage sweat to drip in my eyes. Most headbands make them stand up straight and make me look like a little pineapple – I need to get a photo of that! So pinning them to the side with one of my 204803 bows seemed like a great idea. Definitely worked! Have I mentioned I LOVE BOWS!? Can anyone out there with bangs suggest a great sweaty fix?

So what are your thoughts on meeting people in the gym? Should I just grab some makeup and get over it? Or do you agree that talking and flirting should be kept off the cardio floor?