Expose yourself.

Happy Sunday!

After a long weekend here in Calgary, I’m actually not too sure what day it is. Feels like Sunday x2, which throws off the system.

I have been enjoying every moment of my three days off, though, and have been taking a few bold steps along the way.

I’m drinking more water than normal. Partly because it is so dry here my skin is crying for hydration, and partly because it’s the best darn thing for you.

Then I finally took care of my roots, and took a risk (which thankfully I think worked), and got bangs.

Lastly, thanks to Tina, I shared my story. Well, part of my story. Check out my guest post Self-Love Reflection: Taking The Reigns over on Faith, Fitness, Fun.

Those were really big words to write, and as much I have expressed everything in that post verbally when I put things down on paper the full weight of its situation really shows.

I’m off to run and enjoy some sunshine!