Hell no, we won’t go. And other protest chants.

Harsh! I love it. Leave it to Kevin to tell it like it is.

It’s true; it’s annoying to see someone tweeting about only eating salads, but checking-in at a fast-food restaurant on Foursquare hours later, or talking about their perfect weight-training program, before bailing out of their first scheduled workout. No one is holding a gun to your head; it’s up to you. Do you want it, or not? Put your head down and do work, son.

Welcome to the Anti-Resolution Revolution.

I’ve told you before just how great the team over at MeYou Health are. They started Daily Challenge, have a whack load of healthy-living apps, are in BOSTON and are the proud parents of the resistance. AKA the Anti-Resolution website.

I don’t care if it is made up (it’s not) but that’s a huge number: 88% of New Years resolutions fail. So stop the cycle of shame and join our protest! Find out how to turn a resolution into a realistic goal.

For example, I want to travel four times in 2012. I’ll need some serious cash to accomplish that. I won’t pledge to save money.

But I will:

I’m already doing great, and am 4-for-4 this week on homemade lunches.

My bikini in Hawaii mission will take some serious work. I won’t declare to lose weight.

But I will:

I’ve been a cardio queen this week; next week is four yoga sessions.

There are examples of goals to save money, lose weight, manage and reduce stress, quit a habit, or spend more time with family. Making small, daily changes will help achieve any s.m.a.r.t. goal. Take the steps to succeed and let the Anti-Resolutionists help you along the way.