A great complement.

I have a mysterious love affair with the Universe. You tell it you’ll stop saying “no” and it gives you plenty of things to say yes to.

Like post-work drinks with the roommate.

A weekend full of plans with great friends, a tentative agreement to play on a spring soft ball team, and possibly even a date next week.

I do love you, Universe.

You have also employed all those around me to find and post the most beautiful things that complement what I’m trying to do.

Find the rest of that message here: Be Authentic & the World Will See You.

And my dear Universe, you also push others to leap. Read sister’s news here: breaking up is hard to do.

I’m not sure it’s possible to be more proud…well maybe when she got drunk on a weekday.

Lastly, thanks for reinforcing this in all my relationships: Twenty Things to Start Doing in Your Relationships.

Emily and Robyn are on board to embrace “yes”. Will you join us, too?