Guest Post: My addiction keeps me motivated.

I’m addicted to many things: blonde hair, caffeine, cute boys, coconut water. None of which I think are too obsessive (much better than the crack habit I kicked).

But after working at lululemon for a year, my closet and workout routine are both addicted! Please welcome a fellow Alberta-girl and fellow addict, Krista, to s&s today.


Hello all! :) My name is Krista, and I blog over at Stethoscopes & Running Shoes! I blog about health, fitness, my life as a Registered Nurse, and pretty much anything else that comes to mind! I’m so thrilled that Laura has allowed me to help her out with a guest post as she’s off vacationing (lucky duck…!), while the rest of us are stuck dealing with the real world…

I met Laura through the blogging world. I honestly can’t even remember how it happened! In the short time that I’ve known her, Laura has proved to be such a kind, honest, and funny soul. Love it! Though we’ve never met, we’ve found that we have a lot of similarities… We both blog (obviously…), have a passion for fitness (yoga, running, etc), and… we both love lululemon!

lululemon athletica. Have you heard of it? Who am I kidding… Who hasn’t now a days?! I don’t think a day goes by that I don’t see the little silver Om sign flashing in my eyes… On the street, at work, and go figure… at the gym! Ahh, it’s a beautiful thing!

Founded by Chip Wilson in 1998, the first store was opened in Vancouver, British Columbia. Quickly taking Canada by storm, lululemon has successfully made it’s presences known in the US, Australia and beyond! Girls can spot it anywhere. Boys can almost spot it faster ;) It’s athletic clothing with style. It’s… an addiction.

Oh and how I’ve bought into the craze (literally). There are so many different addictions out there, mine might just be up there in the most expensive category! From Run: Inspire Crops, to Scubas, to Gratitude Wraps… I could carry on a conversation forever about it all! I could tell you when the ‘upload’ happens (new pieces go up on their website every Tuesday morning really really early), I could tell you about the different lululemon blogs to read (lulumum & lulu addict are my favorite!), and I could tell you that lululemon has helped to keep me motivated in my fitness adventures.

So… how exactly does my expensive athletic clothing addiction keep me motivated in my health and fitness adventures? Let me count the ways…

First off, for the price that I/we pay for all the beautiful pieces… I would sure hope I’m wearing it, and wearing it well! I’m guilty of wearing at least some piece of lululemon every single day. If I could get away with wearing scrubs (with a lulu tank top underneath ;) ) at work, and only lululemon the rest of the time…? I totally would! I’m definitely the comfort kind of girl ;) But seriously, if I’m spending the money, I better be using the product! It’s almost like a mini mental guilt trip… It’s so pretty, I need to buy it, now… I definitely have to wear it and go to the gym!!

Secondly, it just looks good. The styles, the functionality, the fit – I feel good wearing my lululemon! And when I’m feeling good, I’m more likely to workout, and workout harder! I like looking in the mirror at the gym and liking what I see! It’s a mental boost that helps push you to keep going. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with hitting up the gym in old sweat pants and a t-shirt (trust me, I still do that occasionally…), but wearing my lululemon honestly gives me a little jump in my step. Whether I’m on the treadmill, running outside, lifting weights, or doing hot yoga… lululemon has me covered! (literally ;) ). I would be hard pressed to go through my closet and find a piece that isn’t comfortable. Some pieces are completely universal (think, Wunder Under Crops & Cool Racerback), others are perfect for that one activity you love (Run: For It Crops – Running! etc…)

It’s a cycle. Buy the clothes, wear the clothes, feel good in the clothes, buy more clothes, repeat… (and then I wonder why I feel so broke…)

Another way that lululemon helps keep me moving? Their manifesto and overall drive to help promote a happier and healthier lifestyle is truly inspiring and motivating. Yes one can argue that expensive athletic clothing contributes absolutely nothing to someone’s pursuit of personal growth… But to each their own! I love what the overall manifesto stands for! :)

Now… My biggest lululemon motivation of all…

This is what I’ve been waiting for! And this is what I have committed to train for, and work my butt off for! Anyone else running this amazing race?! :D

I just want to thank Laura for allowing me to take up space on her amazing blog, and I hope you’ve enjoyed my verbal splash about my crazy lululemon addiction! Please come visit me over at Stethoscopes & Running Shoes, and don’t forget to leave a comment! :D