Play nice.

Today, I start checking things off my 2012 goals list!

In just a few short hours, I’m getting on a plane for home. Sadly, I’m not in Toronto for more than 5 hours. Gladly, it is because I’m off to St. Simons Island, Georgia to visit mom.

The red dot.

I get to wake up at an ungodly hour tomorrow morning and make the 16.5 hour drive south with dad. We are both long-distance drivers, so we’ll arrive the same day.

papa & me

We have the same sense of humor – hopefully neither of us tries to ditch the other at a rest stop.

Good news for you: you don’t have to deal with me. Much. I’ll pop by when I can, but have lined up fantastic people to share stories that range from running to dating…and many other topics in between.

Here are the rules:

– play nice
– comment, interact, ask questions, share opinion
– continue to be fantastically sassy (check!)
– if you like them: read their blog, or follow them on twitter (everyone can use more hits or followers, while you’re at it, click around s&s some more)
– wait 30 minutes after eating before you swim

I think we’ve covered everything!

Be jealous, I’ll be on the beach.