Twenty-nine times.

When I named five large goals for 2012, I mentioned how I would concentrate on the smaller tactics to achieve them. Each month I will set short term goals that move me closer to the prize.

For a refresher on this year’s goals, check out Conquered.

I have 29 days to make the most of February. And the most of it, I shall make.

Enjoy my first trip, plan my second.

View from the roof.

I am knocking the first of my four travels out of the way with a vacation to Georgia to visit my mom {8 sleeps from now}. I’ll be enjoying the sun and sand for a week. While I’m there I need to iron out all the details for my second adventure, I’m most likely taking in April to Vancouver.

Have three more people join my Power of Movement team.

I'm every woman. And centered.

That would bring the Chakra Khan’s up to six members. You know you want to join my team…or at least donate to me.

Have an article/essay published on Thought Catalog

The calibre of writing and humor on Thought Catalog amazes me daily. I will have to put together some of my greatest work in order to be accepted on this site. It’s a pretty lofty challenge, but I’m up for it. If I’m going to be a writer, I’m doing it for the best.

Complete #FebPhotoADay.

23 may be my favourite.

Follow this one on my Twitter. I’m really excited to expand my creative mind doing this project. I usually limit my creativity to words, so being able to capture beautiful photos will be a welcomed challenge.

Wear lipstick everyday. 

My personal MAC store.

This one could get tricky as I’ve mentioned a few times that my usual work mode is roll-out-of-bed-chic. Lipstick is a beautiful thing that makes me feel oh so girly. We’re workin’ on confidence and body image with this one.

I don’t have any goals for my “don’t mindlessly date” category. I went on one bad date in January, but it could have easily been many other bad dates. That’s positive, right?!

Blog keeping: Check out my new Featured page for my posts around the interweb. I’m always looking to contribute, so feel free to Call Me.