Knock it off.

I’ve been quiet this month. It really hasn’t been the greatest, and so far it’s my least favorite month of 2012. Not much competition, but the first two were pretty fantastic. Let’s just say, I can’t wait for Sunday and for April.

I am still not ready to share all of March’s faults, but I will share with you a project I have kept secret for a little while.

I am the newest contributor to The Broken Heel Diaries!

Hear that? Knocking off more goals from my 2012 list.

I write a sex and relationship column for the site dedicated to thought, inspiration and ambition to grow, specializing in men’s and women’s fashion, beauty and lifestyle.

My articles so far:

Sex. Let’s Talk About It.

We’re Not Facebook Friends.

You’re in a Relationship: What Now?

Or just read all of them in one place/subscribe to my feed of posts, here.

Big thanks to Robyn Baldwin, the BHD Fitness Editor, who first made me aware of the site.

If you have any topics you’d be interested in me covering, please let me know. I’m happy to dish advice or tips, etc. to anyone interested.