Full swing.

One week down, and yoga is in full swing.

My body aches, my hair is a disaster, I’m as sweaty as they come.

come on boys, love me.

So as much as I don’t want to pick up at the gym, I’ve also realized it will never happen at the yoga studio either because of the mess I become after class. Two thumbs down for the red face that sticks around for at least two hours after a hot class. Nope, not going to pass out, just have thin skin.

Also, I don’t think it’s fair to have so many good looking, sweaty men in one place.  I have wondered where all the catches were in Calgary, turns out they are at Yoga Passage. My goodness, ladies! Check this out. They are all for you, please reference above why I won’t be sharing.

Jokes aside, I think I’ve found my new yoga home. The studio is beautiful and friendly, and it is right downtown with a good amount of free parking. The class schedule is huge, and diverse and they have a fantastic mix of male and female instructors. I think that’s what may coax the male students to pick that studio. Total broga. Let’s chest bump after class. My place. Call me.

I’ve been pretty true to my yoga heart, sticking with hot, restorative and yin-yang classes. For some reason I think it will be fun to completely blow everything out of the water and shake my practice up by embracing a Sunday morning Kundalini class. Wish me luck, I’ll report back with the mayhem.

What fun is life if you don’t occasionally tip out of the boat? I’d say “rock it” but we’re going overboard here. Let’s play!

Other great news, been asked by the very wonderful Emily to stay on as a Power of Movement Champion for 2013. So many days away, so much excitement until then.

Do yoga, friends!