Remember what it’s like

Hi from the airport in swanky Hamilton. (thumbs down)


why does my cleavage start in my throat?

My flight back to Calgary leaves here at 7, and I land to throw myself back into a full work-week.

To be honest, the only thing I want to throw is a hissy fit. I’m not ready to leave and there is very little appealing to me at the other side of this 4 hour flight.

All the amazing family and friend time, lingering memories and the pains in my tummy from laughing so hard all week are keeping me very rooted in Toronto in my mind.

This is the perfect time for one of those yoga and meditation quotes I hold so near to my heart.

Judgement gets in the way of listening.

Clearing my head of the goods and bads of both cities, and boarding the plane.

See you on the other side.