Bold and beautiful.

One of the most painful things about a broken leg is the waiting period to get back into high heels. From my writing perch, I spy eight pairs longing to be worn. Wedges, and booties, and stilettos, oh my.

Day-to-day, this fact just makes me sad, but when planning for events I’m screwed. Fancy dress and….? Do you think I can go barefoot to my holiday party?

As I feel it will still be a few months till I can walk in stilts again, I’m stuck looking for styles that can look good with flats. As of 8 a.m. today, I am able to head down to H&M at The CORE to check out the new collection by French fashion house Maison Martin Margiela. Don’t you love launch day? And so exclusive – it’s the only H&M in Alberta carrying the line.

The collection has a very masculine and powerful feel. It features very structured jackets, oversized trousers, and a mostly neutral colour palet. The creative house is known for ambiguous design with traditional finishings and tailoring.

Four styles have caught my eye for possible Christmas outfits:

1 – bold colour and plenty of fabric. I’m still undecided if the large sleeves will make my linebacker shoulders look larger or smaller. Guess I’ll have to try it on.


2 – as a blonde, red is my colour; it’s also a very festive colour. The high neck and draping will downplay the size of my chest, and I like that.

3 – black in the new black. it also has pockets and an adorable cap sleeve. This is all kinds of me.


4 – no model here, but look at it! I’m not sure if the bottom is pants or an asymmetrical skirt but holy it’s hot! It has a bit of a disco vibe and that’s funky, babies.

The collaboration between H&M and Maison Martin Margiela is unique because it’s a re-edition of iconic MMM. Each piece is labelled with a unique tag indicating the season from which it originated, spanning 23 years since its founding. New vintage? I’m in love.

To check out the full collection for both men and women, click click click.

Little help. Which one do you like best?

All photos are by photographer Paul Wetherell for Maison Martin Margiela with H&M