Give a little joy.

As much as I talk about Wish Lists and Favourite Things, I don’t actually need presents – unless someone wants to pay my rent, or get my car new breaks, I could always use that. So when it came time to celebrate with my friends, I didn’t want to receive a $20 Secret Santa gift that I probably would never use (sucks about that no gift cards, no booze rule most people put into place.)

Instead, we decided on a little shake up. We’d still pull names for a Secret Santa, but we’d pull an age between 0-16, too. All gifts bought would be donated to The Women’s Centre of Calgary’s toy room after we unwrapped them. Moms in need are able to ‘shop’ the toy room and pick out a gift for their child.

Me? I got Ania at age 2. The girl with wicked shoes as an adult was bought a princess dress up kit, heels included.


The gent that pulled my name got me a karaoke microphone. I know it’s not because of my beautiful horrible singing voice – maybe it’s because I’m so loud? Or possible because I like to be the centre of attention? We’ll never know.

A few other gems:

Rebecca and her Operation


Brooke and My Little Pony


Martin and his J. Beibs doll


Katey’s Cabbage Patch


Baby James and his Superman onesie


All of us with our fantastic gifts and warm, fuzzy feeling smiles.


I cannot wait till Friday when I get to drop off all of these toys to the Women’s Centre. If you’re in Calgary, visit their website and see how you can help.

Do you involve those less fortunate into your holiday gift giving? If so, how?