An engaging celebration.

There are only a handful of couples I know that I’d even care to emulate. They are loving, but joke around like friends; they are passionate, but don’t cling off each other in public (or post make out photos on FB); they are strong in their beliefs, but don’t air their dirty laundry in public.

My good friend Mary, and her significant other Brent, make up one of these couples. So when they designed the ring – and he popped the question – I couldn’t be more excited.

To celebrate, us girls took Mary to High Tea at the Fairmont Palliser.


With busy and conflicting schedules, the five of us rarely get the time to catch up.

Cups of strong tea, flutes of champagne, mini sandwiches, and delectable desserts fueled our conversation of wedding dresses, bridal colours, and the amazing venue of Lake Lousie next February.


These are the moments I cherish, where we can come together and just be us – pretty dresses included. The laughter and the cross-table looks have burned memories in my mind.

Congratulations, Mary! We love you. xx

Have you ever been to High Tea? What do you and your girlfriends do to celebrate?