Wine on.

Wine. I know I like to drink it. That’s all the knowledge I’ll ever claim to have on the topic. I turn to very knowledgable staff or educated friends to point me in the right direction of what I like.

That’s why I brought my friend Rebecca with me to Winefest. She’s gone to enough dinners with me to know my taste in wines, but can push me to be more adventurous.

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I’m a big fan of whites – pinot grigio, gewurtztraminer, reisling, muscato – so I thought this would be the perfect place to avoid them completely. The closest I got was a tasting of Passion Pop.

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It’s an Australian sparkling wine that’s pink in colour with aromas of strawberry jam, cotton candy and citrus. It was so fun and girly. I couldn’t resist.

On to the reds. One of the selling points is that you don’t have to chill a red wine. (Actually, my ice cube days are over for warm white wine now – check out the VinOice from Land & Sea. It’s an in-bottle wine chiller that features a stainless steel chill rod that keeps wine at the optimal drinking temperature for up to an hour….and a bottle of wine never lasts an hour!)

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We took a tour of the world: Italy, Spain, Argentina, Napa, Australia.


Then we traveled to Moldova. Never heard of it? It’s a country nestled between Romania and Ukraine. After trying two wines and speaking with the adorable couple who represent Purcari, I discovered a new favourite.

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This couple took the time to educate and explain how the wine is made and the enzymes added and what they do. They also informed me that Purcari makes their wine for the original European purpose: the be paired with food. While delicious, none of their wines are too overpowering. They would make the perfect compliment to a meal. A winner in my book!

The second winner of the day wasn’t wine, but also came in a beautiful bottle. With Italian blood running through my veins, I’m pretty sure I don’t even need bread to sop up the delicious mixtures; I’d drink it straight. That being said, blue door oil & vinegar will change the way you think about oil and vinegar.

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I tried their blackberry ginger balsamic with Persian lime infused olive oil. Mind = blown. I’m already planning a trip to visit their shop.

If you’re looking to learn about wine, find out what you like, or just sample numerous, Winefest is definitely something to check out. Follow them on Twitter to find out when the next event is.

p.s. Big Four Building on the Stampede Grounds has the best selfie mirrors in the bathroom:

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Are you a wine drinker? What’s your favourite kind?