a shot of wisdom.

yesterday was sister’s 30th birthday.


how sweet is she? looks identical still.

a week ago i was fortunate enough to be home in Toronto to celebrate with her.


… and our family, and a few of her friends.


dad and i schemed for two weeks to plan a surprise lunch, sadly with one day notice i had to ruin part of the surprise and let her know i’d be in town due to a funeral. thankfully, i didn’t have to ruin it all. i think she was surprised, but she didn’t cry. that’s what i was aiming for. rats.


as the adage goes: with age comes wisdom.

all last week she put out beautifully written, and insightful posts titled “this is (almost) 30”.

read them all here.

if you only have time for one, read this one.

it’s words like these that prove over and over how much of a role model my sister is to me. she has such strength and devoted belief. she’s able to be emotional and honest. she’s pretty fantastic. she’s mine; i’m not sharing.

i hate every mile that separates us, but love every text messages, photo, email and phone call that keeps up stuck together.

happy birthday, sister!



delicious birthday donut from Jelly Modern (locations in Calgary and Toronto).