make grandma happy.

a few weeks back i got a special delivery from a very cute owl. his name is ookie!


then ookie started to make me feel bad think about christmas gifts for grandma.



let me tell you a bit about my grandma.

she’s the most amazing person, who also has no blood relation to me. technically, she’s my godmother, but when you have a strange family, you hold tight to the great one’s in your life. plus, technicalities are silly, so my Mimi is my grandma.

57_506974747608_3458_nshe had been part of my life since i was just a few hours old. she is the funniest, happiest person that i know. a task that would be difficult for anyone that has faced as much tragedy and heartbreak as she has.


every time we get together she loves to pose for selfies with me. she’s also a huge Blue Jays fan – for her 80th birthday we bought her a new Jays snapback. i’m not sure she could get any cooler.

laura-mimi2laura-mimiguys, i think grandma and i are the same person!

she also loves to take photos. every wall in her house has a picture on it, and every ledge has overlapping frames. she keeps all of her happy memories and loved people in eyesight at all times. and every occasion is marked with plenty of flash.


the ballet? christmas? relay for life? saturday? we’ve captured it!

i’m thankful for this, as the second born my parents found no need to mark my special occasions with photos, they’d experienced it already – but Mimi did. she has almost two full photo albums of photos of my childhood.

while she still prints photos, they haven’t found their way into an album.

a photo book, you say, ookie?

DSC_1098sounds like a winner to me!

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you can also make calendars and wall art. plus, it’s always free shipping in Canada, because this little owl is a proud canuck.

what’s grandma getting for christmas? also, how cute is my grandma?