off with your head.

…and on with a turnip.

…and on with a rutabaga.

…and on with any other obscure root vegetable.

my grandfather, affectionately known to almost everyone as Pops, had a very strange way of threatening us when we were bad.

no matter how hard he tried, you’d never believe it. there was not one mean or angry bone in his body.

Dad Nov 2011don’t you just love those suspenders and smile?

last week we said goodbye to Pops. he passed away six weeks shy of his 92nd birthday.

while tears have filled a good part of the days, there is no sorrow. he was a great man, who lived a long and happy life, and loved everyone and was loved in return.

2013 has been a tough year for the family in terms of death. we’ve lost an uncle and two grandfathers. though this blog is about my life, i’ve kept sadness absent. it hasn’t been fitting, nor have i known how to express it. this year has changed me, like you’d expect great loss to.

Pops’ smile reminds me to be nice to everyone i meet. and it reminds me to make every day fun, like he did – when he went tubing just shy of his 80th birthday, for example. but most of all it reminds me to express my joy for life and my love for others.

i’m a lucky girl that my Pops fed me peanut butter and banana sandwiches for a week straight while he took care of us. and that he taught me all about lacrosse and hockey – or as much as i’d listen to. and he’d go down the slide at our pool as many times as i insisted when i was young. he was a great grandfather; he was a great man.

love you, Popsie.