orange you glad.

from the rest of this week’s posts, you now know i was in Toronto last week. but you don’t know the main reason i was there. to be honest – plane ticket in hand – i didn’t really know why i was there either.

rewind two weeks.

i got an email from ING DIRECT asking me to join them in Toronto for an announcement. no further details except: sshhh. secret’s safe with me, who would i tell? i had no idea what was going on, but wouldn’t ever turn down a trip back home to the centre of the universe.

here’s the back story: about a year and a half ago, i was invited to an event at ING DIRECT’s Calgary Cafe. i got to know the cafe’s manager, Jonathan, started going to more events, and learned about the company. while i find many things about ING interesting, i am most drawn to their community involvement and charitable giving. that, and the fact that their employees always looks like they are having fun and love their jobs. i spent time with the Calgary group and was honoured to be named an #OrangeScarf ambassador earlier this year.

so there i was in Toronto on monday, with a group of ambassadors, gathered at the head office for a tour and dinner, and nothing! you’re killing me ING! i love surprises, but i love them more when i know what they are.

not a single hint.

on tuesday afternoon i found a seat in the Toronto Centre of the Arts with hundreds of ING employees to finally be filled in on the news.


and there it is, straight from Peter Aceto’s, CEO, mouth – a name change to Tangerine.

but why? last november, Scotiabank completed its acquisition of ING Bank of Canada from Netherlands-based ING Groep. and with that came a need to change the name and visual identity.


that’s the best news for customers – nothing changes. you still get the innovation, the interest paid on every dollar, the simplicity, and the great customer service.

but that wasn’t it. after a short stage change, the audience (employees, ambassadors, customers) were treated to a performance by Canadian band Walk Off the Earth. so good.


everyone was on a high, but it just got better. a surprise private performance by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis.


shut up! i’m not sure anyone believed that was happening. a fellow baseball lover, i just became a bigger fan of Macklemore. just listen to same love and feel proud that you love love and everyone’s right to love.


everyone should experience being in a room full of falling streamers.

want to know more? read this. thanks, Tangerine. what a whirlwind.

is your bank this cool?

photos via ING Facebook.