part and parcel: Krista.

this girl’s got sass. not me – well, me, too – but today’s part and parcel poster.

i don’t actually know Krista, but we’re twitter friendsies (read: so creepy). the worst part about this is we probably live 15 blocks away from each other, so we just need to meet for wine.

let me introduce you to her. Krista blogs over at kristayyc – she lives/works/plays/loves in Calgary. she’s a city and province cheerleader, really loving all things AB, and loves the young, active, and creative energy in Calgary! her major loves include communications, social media, design, events, fashion, food, and research.

those who know me would be surprised to see me without my large tote (i recently replaced my beloved black lululemon tote with their happy hatha). these are things that i carry with me everyday and keep me running smoothly between work, gym, and social events:


l’occitane shea butter hand cream
i have tried countless hand creams and this is the best one by far. it is super moisturizing without being greasy and has a really pleasant scent. given how dry it is in Calgary + frequent hand washing (i’ve never been the same since my food microbiology course back in undergrad), a good hand cream is a must. i still have to reapply this one, but any moisturizer that says it lasts for 24 hours is lying in my experience.

burt’s bees lemon butter cuticle cream
this stuff smells fantastic and really keeps my nails looking great between manicures (which, let’s face it, is always longer than it should be).

i do a lot of walking since i live inner city and it’s my primary mode of transportation, so during the winter my boots see a lot of snow and salt and grime. bootrescue wipes keep my footwear looking clean and helps me look put together. i’ve tried other wipes but these ones are my fave because they don’t smell chemically.

skoah lip love
skoah recently started giving this lip balm out again. you can’t buy it – the only way to get your hands on one of these is to book yourself a facial (which i highly recommend). i’ve been a lip balm addict since grade 3 and i don’t see this changing anytime soon.

blackBerry Z10
my Z10 keeps me connected to work and friends and blogging in a way that i find really efficient and so i’ve stayed true to my blackberry despite the naysayers. i also enjoy being part of the uncool kids club :)

macbook air
i take my laptop with me everywhere. not only do i work remotely on occasion (deVille in Fashion Central being my favourite office-away-from-the-office), but i am often hit with blogging inspiration while i’m out and about and enjoying a glass of wine.

sigg water bottle
i hate being dehydrated, and since *certain* coffee establishments no longer provide water unless you buy something, i also make sure to have my water bottle with me. i have yet to use it for hot beverages, but it’s great for keeping my water chilled.

pen + moleskin notebook
sometimes, i just want to see my thoughts and ideas on paper, so i always carry a pen and a moleskin notebook with me. plus, you never know if you’ll be near a power outlet and on occasion your phone and laptop let you down.

i rarely get to stop at home between work, gym, and social engagements, so i always carry the basics to make sure my makeup is looking fresh. most days I get by with Armani’s Luminous Silk foundation + Eyeko liquid liner in black + MAC eyeshadow in sumptuous olive + NARS blush in orgasm.

bus tickets + car2go membership
i rarely have to use my car during the weeks because i live my life within the confines of the inner city. for those times when i need to venture further or faster (or, in heels and it’s blizzarding outside), the train and car2go get me from point a to b.

what are your everyday essentials?