’tis the season.

‘tis the season to relax, indulge, enjoy and breathe. there. i said it.

you might think it’s crazy for i’m fit possible, a fitness and wellness oriented community, to support and encourage an hour of sleeping in, a little whipped cream on lattes and an evening with friends instead of an evening with free weights. or maybe you think it’s brave, balanced and real. if you fit in to the latter we can be friends. it happens either way, so let’s embrace it. it’s time to approach the holiday season a little. let’s focus on what we actually need this holiday season.

what does that even mean?

introducing our ‘tis the season social campaign!

tistheseasonso, this isn’t a free pass to skip the gym or a cookie-eating contest. in fact, this isn’t a holiday “challenge” at all. at i’m fit possible, we are all about personal fitness 365 glorious days of the year.

here’s the but.

BUT, if you are going to skip the gym or make a deliciously sinful nutritional choice around the holidays, stop making yourself feel guilty about it. ditch the rules and restrictions you place on yourself and savour every last morsel, take the time to catch up with an old friend, curl up by the fire with a peppermint tea, treat yourself to a trashy, gossipy magazine and glass of wine, go the theatre and support local talent, clean out your closet and donate the items and enjoy every beautiful, relaxing minute.

most importantly, let go of feelings of regret that swirl. it’s done. now make the most of it. celebrate relaxing, indulging, enjoying and breathing this holiday season; life is about balance. the holiday season is already way too busy and stressful for most of us without the added stress of our fitness goals as well. care for yourself instead of wrestling your goals this holiday season.

no challenges. just you enjoying life.

the way it works is simple:

  • there isn’t a contest to enter or any hoops you have to jump through.
  • you do not need to sign up, register or even participate every day.
  • we have 10 lovely sponsors for our ‘tis the season campaign.
  • December 1-31 we will feature a new product and company every 3 or 4 days.
  • you simply share how you are relaxing, enjoying, indulging and breathing this holiday season on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.
  • use the #imfitpossible hashtag and mention i’m fit possible so we see how you are living it up this holiday season.
  • follow i’m fit possible on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as our winners will be announced every few days via social media.

the more you share the more chances you have to win. that’s it. we told you it was simple!

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remember to mention i’m fit possible in each and every tweet or post, so we don’t miss it.

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but wait! there’s more. (we’re now an infomercial)

throughout the month all my i’m fit possible members will be sharing how we relax, indulge, and enjoy this holiday season.

this starts now – like right now! what do you need this holiday season to feel full? full of love, happiness and contentment. let’s honour ourselves, enjoy every moment, leave regret and stress behind, ditch the rules and restrictions and focus on what we really need this holiday season. ‘tis the season!