real talk.

so today Bell wants us to talk. let’s talk.

on october 10, World Mental Health Day, i shared part of my story…and in the future I’ll share more.

but today is all about being real and sharing what has helped.

affirmations. *cue eye roll*

i tried. i stuck sticky notes around my room and wrote sweeping statements on my bathroom mirror in lipstick. you know the ones that say, “i accept myself, unconditionally, right now.” or “you are a beautiful person.”

yup, more eye rolls. i scoffed at my mirror daily thinking, who actually believes this junk?

i wasn’t doing it right, not for me. while others can take a statement and repeat it day after day until they believe it in their heart, i shut it out from the beginning and never gave it another chance; black and white has always been my style (don’t worry, we’re working on that, too).

i needed to be more realistic. i needed to start with something that could keep me calm.



today is going to be okay.

this is now what i look at each morning. it keeps me settled and ready to leave my apartment. when i don’t need this reminder anymore it can progress and maybe one day i’ll have those lovey-dovey posts back up.

while I appreciate what Bell is doing today, i don’t want the conversation to end at midnight. mental health is not something we deal with one day of the year, and it takes more than one day to break the stigma. i encourage you to keep the conversation open in your heart and ask meaningful questions. “how are you?” won’t get you too far, but “what made you happy today?” or “how can i help to make tomorrow better?” will.

keep it real. xx

so, tell me something great. Tell me what made you happy today.