apple chips: isn’t that appealing.

i spent about 10 minutes googling apple jokes and puns the other night. i laughed to myself while reading. that’s when i knew it was bed time.

so, on to the real stuff: i’m a super snacker. i love to nibble on things throughout the day, especially when i am writing….did i mention i’m a writer by profession?

so when i had the chance to try ThreeWorks apple chips, i was all over it.

apple chips

i’ve always been an apple lover – fuji and royal gala being my favourites. my dad has one of those contraptions that cores an apple while slicing it. i always used to steal a slice off before he could get out of the kitchen.

i can have slightly boring tastebuds, and by that i mean: vanilla & original. i like the way things are supposed to taste, i guess. so the first can of apple chips i grabbed was original. the ingredients list was simple: fuji apples. i couldn’t have been more excited.

sweet and delicious, the container may look like pringles, but half a can of this healthy snack will only run you 100 calories.

adventurous tastebuds? you can enjoy in all sorts of really delicious crunchy chip flavours that are all natural, fat-free, gluten-free, no artificial flavours! cherry love was my second favourite flavour. other options are caramel, cinnamon, mixed berries, mango, lemon and vanilla.

apple chips

i have dreamt about making my own apple chips and a dehydrator is always a kitchen tool that i think i want. after going on a few dates with a vegan chef and hearing all about the things he made with a dehydrator i was all about getting one.

then i had a steak and all went back to normal. plus, the cost for one of those puppies can be a little crazy. and let’s be serious, i probably wouldn’t be making kale chips and vegan tempeh jerky as often as i should to be making up for that spend. so since i won’t be making apple chips on my own, i am happy to have ThreeWorks in my life now.


you can find ThreeWorks apple chips at Safeway, Rexall, London Drugs, Shoppers Drug Mart, Superstore, and more. (three of which are in walking distance from my condo, score!)

fun facts: ThreeWorks was featured on the season premiere of Dragon’s Den in October and sealed a great deal with Dragon Jim Treliving! they also represent Maria Sharapova’s sexy gummy candy, sugarpova.

what flavour of apple chips would you pick?