part and parcel: Jeremy.

hey y’all! happy i’m fit possible blog swap day – totally a thing. go check out my recipe for power balls on jessica gets fit.

taking over s&s today is Jeremy – an avid runner who’s stepping up his run game and seeking out every adventure he can. then he brings them all to you on his blog: confessions of an amateur athlete. he loves making new running and fitness-minded friends and is working toward his first ultra marathon. besides thinking he’s just a tad bit crazy for wanting to run an ultra, Jeremy is from Phoenix, so i’m also convinced he is perpetually tan. follow his adventures on twitter: @runblogaz.

what’s in my gym bag? that depends on where i’m headed! if i’m off to the gym, i keep it pretty basic, but if i’m driving out to a training run…well, then it’s packed full of goodies! either way, if you go digging into my worn sports backpack, here’s what you’re sure to find:


camelback water bottle
i have one for the gym and one with a handheld strap for running. they’re heavy duty, last forever, and can make for a good cushion if you fall out on the trails!

i use my phone for everything. and no, not just to snap selfies on a run! (editor’s note: that’s what i’d do.) whether i’m working out or running, i need my tunes! music keeps my mind off the tough workouts, and makes the good runs even better. i also use the runkeeper app to track my mileage, times, etc. or the zombies, run! app if i want to have a little fun!

arm band & yurbuds
the arm band obviously to secure my phone. the yurbuds because they’re awesome! i’ve tried a lot of different ear buds before but these really do stay in your ears as promised. they can also send you a variety of ear pieces and sizes to mix and match so you get the perfect fit.

gold bond powder
this stuff doesn’t just snuff out the stink of my gym socks! i use it to keep my feet dry on really long runs and help keep away blisters. also, down my shorts to keep from embarrassing and painful chafing!

GU energy gel
whether it’s a boost before my run or half-way through a long training run, GU gets me through it all! my favourite is espresso love because i’m a caffeine addict.

compression sleeves
i have pairs from CEP Compression and Pro Compression. both work great for during a run, or recovery afterwards.

what’s in your gym bag?