part and parcel: Katy.

need a little kick of motivation to get your butt into the gym? let’s go snooping in gym bags! best part? i got hot momma Katy from Fit in Heels to open up about her essentials. i miss this babe, and her little man, like crazy and every time i feel like skipping a workout i think of her, because, well…have you seen her bum? ‘nough said.


nike plus GPS watch
It has big numbers so I don’t have to think. Also, when I go for runs it tracks how fast and far I’ve gone, and tells me I’ve done a good job. If it could clean I may consider leaving my husband.

skipping rope
Best workout ever. Anywhere. Enough said.

lady speed stick antiperspirant
Because I don’t always shower after the gym. I’m a Phys Ed teacher so I’m allowed to be sweaty. I didn’t say I have many friends.

my iPhone with my boxing timer pro interval app
I am an interval junkie and need my timer. This links to my music (Billy Ocean and Celine Dion… I’ve said too much) and it is the perfect way to get my sh*t done.

maybelline vivids lipstick
For when I do actually shower after the gym (read: spray perfume and brush my hair) and dress nicely. My current obsession is Hot Plum. I resemble 80s Barbie (minus the boobs), but I’m good with that.

lululemon astro wunder under crops
I live in these mofos. I own five pairs. They don’t dig into my lovehandles and make me feel like a supermodel at the gym. Minus the whole lovehandle part.

vega sport electrolyte hydrator in lemon lime and protein powder in chocolate
The hydrator is like Gatorade (minus the sugar), so when I’m doing a long, hard workout, it’s the perfect companion. They come in single serve packs so I can just pop it into my water bottle and get some serious energy. The protein powder is for post-workout, and I like it because it tastes like chocolate milk. I am seven years old.

popeye’s shaker cup with mix ball
Easy to drink my protein. I don’t like chunky chocolate milk.

nike vomero running shoes
These puppies are my favourite. They fit my narrow, weird foot and I run pain-free. I can’t even count how many versions of these I’ve owned! My current ones are hot pink.

under armour performance socks
These are not too thin (seriously.. I hate thin workout socks) and not too thick (seriously… I’m not going snowshoeing). These are perfect. Just like Laura.

what’s in your gym bag?