a date-night worthy sandwich.

i have so much fun creating date nights, especially for people who appreciate them aka my friends, not boys.

i mentioned i took some time developing the menu for our Shakespeare turned Pretty Woman picnic girlie date. here’s the full thing:

girl’s night picnic menu:

  • cucumber mint infused water
  • barley kale tabbouleh
  • mini caprese sandwiches
  • chicken and shrimp salad rolls
  • watermelon
  • mint chocolates


the first item on my list was the mini caprese sandwiches. the flavours in the salad are some of my favourite. the brightness of fresh tomato with earthy basil and creamy bocconcini, married with rich olive oil and the tang of great balsamic.

add bread and meat and it’s even better. make that meat prosciutto and it’s damn near perfect. that’s exactly what i did for these sandwiches.


mini caprese sandwiches
makes eight

8 slider buns
1 roma tomato
8 mini bocconcini
8 thin slices of prosciutto
fresh basil

cut buns in half, arranging all the bottoms together.
slice tomato into eight thin slices, and cut bocconcini in half.
layer basil, tomato, two halves of bocconcini, and prosciutto on the bottom, and top with other half of bun.


want to class it up a bit? drizzle some balsamic vinegar over the bocconcini before topping with prosciutto. the dry ingredients on the base and top protect the bun from getting soggy.


possibly the easiest picnic sandwich to create, and no crusts to cut off.

what’s your favourite picnic food?