laura, through the looking glass.

i’m happy to report my 2014 search for fashionable everyday glasses is pretty successful.

coffee_2so backstory: i’ve had bad eyes all my life. an undiagnosed astigmatism as a toddler had my mother yelling at me each time she tried to take my photo. she just though i was being a stubborn child who wanted to keep my eyes closed. instead, the sensitivity to the light just made them water – a ever-so-attractive quality i still possess. (no, i’m not crying. it’s just bright out. okay, fine, maybe i’m crying, too.)


i wore my slightly rose-tinted glasses everyday from the age of 5 to 12. when i reached high school i updated to ultra-mod coffeehouse black frames that i never wore unless the teacher put on the overhead projector.

coffeethis theme continued through university, grad school, employment, a cross-country move… it continued up until this January when i knew being blind was never going to escape me, and fashionable eyewear is becoming more accessible at better prices (since this kitten’s work benefit plan doesn’t do vision coverage). i’m going to shout out to the internet for that one!


that’s where i found, the global online optical store and these beautiful new beige and white frames.

at first glance i was already impressed. cute styles and frames of every size and colour at really reasonable prices. i found too many pairs i liked already similar to my black large-framed nerd glasses, and wanted to branch out to something different. like any accessory, glasses are supposed to be fun.


after polling sister – because every major life fashion decision must go through her – i decided on these babies.

the order process was just as easy. enter in your prescription in the dedicated spaces and checkout. i was afraid i made a mistake entering it in, but no problem, i just uploaded a photo of my prescription to my account, and did the rest. a few days later, the cutest new everyday frames. right there, on my face.


want a pair of your own? has a first pair free deal going on right now on select styles. just use the code FREEFIRMOO at checkout. can’t get much better than that!

are you a glasses wearer? tell me your horror stories!

side note: huge thank you to my dearest friend Rebecca for making me laugh and snapping about 100 photos of it.