birthday things.

thanks for all the early birthday wishes on the last post. i decided to take the day off work yesterday to celebrate 29.

i know what you’re thinking, you’d wake up at 6 a.m. to get to the passport office right when it opened on your day off, too. so maybe that’s not what i had in mind for early morning excitement, but the real celebrating started shortly after.

birthday things.

birthdays always require something fancy, and my new tan hat was perfect for the occasion. as was red lipstick (because when is it not?).

i stopped by jelly modern doughnuts – which you may have heard of from the food network, if you haven’t experienced one – and picked myself up a coconut treat for breakfast. of course i added a candle, everyone needs to make a wish from a baked good on their birthday!

note to self: eating doughnuts ruins your lipstick.

after that i decided to head to the mountains. sadly, the weather wasn’t as cooperative as i wanted to be, and my visit was welcomed with clouds and rain. instead of heading to the trails, i stopped in the town of Banff for a stroll with my birthday rewards latte from Starbucks – because free non-fat, no whip cinnamon dolce lattes on your birthday should be a thing everywhere!

note to self: drinking lattes ruins your lipstick.

the fall colours are really in full force in the mountains, and the drive was absolutely stunning.

my night consisted of a few phone calls, and a lot of time in the kitchen – eggplant parmesan, oatmeal muffins, stuffed peppers, cheesecake in a jar – and trying to keep myself busy.

you see, birthday’s can actually be one of the loneliest days you’ll encounter. when you live away from your family, all of your friends have their own lives, and you’re single, you realize really quickly that you’re the only company you have. and that sucks. but it sucks a little less with a doughnut and a free latte and the mountains and your favourite lipstick in your purse.