it happens in threes.

if you asked me three years ago how long i’d be in calgary for, i would have told you one year. max.

how wrong that little girl was. today i celebrate three years of living here.

what better way to celebrate than a pro/con list? something that i do regularly when it comes to life decisions.

moraine lake


the mountains
as much as i define myself as a city girl, my love of the rocky mountains has no limits. there is something about the clean air and quiet that calms me down instantly and makes me feel whole.

when you have no family around you, you must learn to fend for yourself. while they are just a phone call away, being by myself really has turned me into an adult (kind of).

i have developed some fantastic friendships since i have been here. those to laugh with, those who i can cry with, those who know me, love me and support me.

the economy is booming here still and there is opportunity in the job market for anyone that’s looking. plus 5% tax.

snow in lake lousie


it’s september 8, and it’s supposed to snow today. i wish that was a joke. it’s not. winter lasts far, far too long here.

i’m 3,500km from my family and my best friends. trust me, sometimes that is a definitely plus as we all know how family can be. but it’s also rather lonely. i’ve always spent christmas with them, but all holidays should be spent with the people you love and that love you. until then, orphan holidays will just have to do.

while i might love the solitude of the mountains, i laugh every time someone calls calgary a big city. in terms of alberta, sure, but honey i’m from the big smoke. this ain’t no big city. coffee shops close at 8 and there isn’t an abundance of life in the downtown core unless it’s during work hours.

so many things to consider – it really is a love/hate. but seriously, snow?! happy three years, calgary, we’ve been a good match so far.

tell me where you live and what your favourite thing is about it!