sister things.

no matter how many times mom dressed us alike, the secret is out, sister and i are not twins.

but one thing that stands out is, even thought we are 3,500km apart, we have very similar tendencies – we’re talking vocal comeback, mannerisms, facial expressions, etc. it all became very obvious when we spent 10 days together a few weeks ago road trippin’ through BC. pretty spooky, really.

and in other ways, we couldn’t be more different. all the fun that comes with nature vs. nurture.

so let’s play a little game, shall we? we’ll give you two options of our favourites, and you have to guess who is who.

what colour we’ve painted our claws:


favourite jelly modern doughnut:


what our phone covers look like:


the scarves that can be found around our necks – worn on the same day on the beach in English Bay:


coffee from timbertrain. so this one is identical; probably because the menu only had three options and i’m not drinking straight espresso:


our go-to makeup favourites:


favourite flats. we both like some sparkle (one more than the other):


how we accessorize:


what we’re currently reading:


the latest village ice cream treat. (both include salted caramel…and the second scoop is way different):


have you guessed yet who is who?

let our matching tiffany & co. necklaces (a birthday gift from me to her, and then i bought one for myself) give it away.


there you have it: laura’s on the left and allison’s on the right.

did you guess right? what gave it away?

do you notice a lot of similarities between you and your sibling?