how to pinterest fail hilariously but successfully in seven easy steps.

are you a pinner? i’ve been on pinterest for a while now. and like any good hipster, i’m going to complain how it’s now too saturated and used for marketing and i miss the simple days when it was just beautiful photos and not someone’s grainy iphone photo of some gnarly looking protein shake.

but of course i still use it.

every so often you can still find a stunning tutorial that looks simple enough to recreate, such as this gorgeous floral letter. i’ve been dreaming of making it for my home since saw it.

you know we’re honest over here on s&s, so here is my version of the tutorial in seven easy and truthful steps.

step one

check to see if you have any cardboard in your storage room. when you realize you don’t, go to the garbage room of your condo building and dumpster dive in the cardboard-only bin and find something that’s the right size.

flower letter DIY

step two

use a sharpie to draw out your letter on the cardboard. if you’re not good at freehand, use a ruler or a stencil. if you have neither, a wide book will do. i highly recommend the hardcover edition of “why men don’t get enough sex and women don’t get enough love”…and then soul search as to why you own that book, and where you even got it.

letters that have a straight edge will be the easiest to create. if your name starts with one of those curvy letters such as S, G, C, Q, i suggest you look at changing it.

flower letter DIY

step three

spend a small fortune at your local craft store on your favourite flowers. justify spending more on certain bouquets since you got the cardboard for free, and michael’s almost always has a 40% off coupon.

flower letter DIY

step four

begin with the largest flowers and arrange them on your cardboard letter. do not pay attention to the original tutorial that suggests a hot glue gun, and use whatever strong adhesive glue you have in your cabinet.

flower letter DIY

step five

get frustrated when the white liquid glue you are using will not hold down any of the fake flowers. give in, go to Walmart and buy a $2.47 mini hot glue gun and 30 mini glue sticks.

step six

return home, plug in hot glue gun, and realize why it was originally suggested. burn yourself a few times, re-glue the largest flowers, then work your way down in size and colour to fill in the gaps. i mixed my shades because i think it adds great texture, but you could easily ombre it, or do just one solid colour.

flower letter DIY

step seven

pour yourself a glass of wine to numb the pain while you try and pull the bits of dried hot glue from your fingers, leg, sock, carpet, wall, and everywhere else you managed to get it.

flower letter DIYand there you have it, my friends. fake flowers and parts of my finger skin glued to cardboard that i pulled out of the dumpster.

pinterest worthy, don’t you think? a great addition to my home office art wall. a success in so many words, with a very s&s twist to it.

have you ever tried a pinterest DIY? did you succeed?