every step counts.

did you know only 64% of new years resolutions last into february? truthfully, that’s a higher number than i guessed, since we know some never start at all – they are a mere idea scribbled on a piece of paper.

at the top of those resolutions is usually health and fitness, and the reason they often fail is because they are thought to be large, daunting tasks. instead, let’s look at turning each step into part of our daily workout.

this is where fitness wearables come into play. but how do you choose which one is right for you?

Telus Health Tech

look how pretty the gold misfit shine is!

this is where Telus shines. their learning centre allows you to books appointments with Health Tech Trainers to pick the best fitness accessory for you.

i have had a fitbit flex since last may when i started getting serious about my health again. i’m an office dweller and writer as a side job aka i sit a whole bunch. i knew i was getting nowhere near the daily recommended 10,000 steps – was probably closer to 3,000. being able to track my movement motivated me to move more, since it was a way to show how lazy and sedentary i was being.

this week i met with Telus Health Tech Trainer, Matt, to see what fit my needs.

Telus Health Tech Trainerhe asked a bunch of questions to discover how i’d be using my fitness tracker to make it a lifestyle piece. i’m not a swimmer (waterproof not a worry), not playing any racquet sports, and have an iphone (so the android syncing one wasn’t a good fit). 

i also got hooked up with a new fitbit charge.

fitbit charge

i love the numerical display on it compared to the flashing dots on the flex. it tracks steps, distance walked, floors climbed, active minutes, sleep, exercise, calories, and so much more. and it even syncs with my phone via bluetooth to act as caller display.

oh, technology, what will you come up with next?

from feb 2 until feb 16, i’m taking part in the Telus #everystepcounts fitness challenge against a bunch of other canadian bloggers to see how we can get moving.

i’m pretty competitive, so i’ve been moving around like a crazy person the last few days.

fitbit steps

using the fitbit charge to count each left-right, has made the whole thing a fun game. i go to the furthest bathroom at the office and climb the stairs to fill up my water bottle instead of going to the fountain just around the corner from my desk.

i know what you’re thinking: 10,000 steps sounds like a lot.  while you might not be able to hit the gym every day, the average city block is about 200 steps, so hit the pavement. take the stairs, walk to work if it’s close enough (for me it would take two hours to walk to the office), or take the long way to your next meeting. it’s the number recommended by the National Institute of Health to maintain a healthy weight and reduce the risk of heart attack, so it’s a milestone you want to aim for.

p.s. stay tuned at the end of the challenge for a competition update and some other fun things. Telus is donating $20 to the heart & stroke foundation for any fitness tracker bought in the month of February.

do you have a fitness tracker? how’d you pick it?