beautiful girls.

happy international women’s day (yesterday).

it didn’t happen on purpose, but in a very happy coincidence, i spent my sunday with two sets of my favourite ladies.

yellow door bistro

it all started at yellow door bistro – one of the restaurants in the ultra stylish hotel arts.

yellow door bistro

yellow door was no exception. it is a beautiful space with so many different stunning interior decorating elements. i loved every chair, wall treatment, paint colour, and sheet of wall paper. they even have a large horse statue with a lamp extending from it’s head. it’s quite the sight.

yellow door bistro

we opted for their brunch buffet with both sweet and savoury options like oatmeal parfaits, eggs benedict, bacon, hash browns, mini pancakes, charcuterie and much more.

i’d go back, but would want to order off the menu to see what they can do. plus, all the menus look amazing.

yellow door bistro

i rolled myself out of brunch and into inglewood to meet with with Heather and Jess for an afternoon of shopping in the sunshine.

side note: i am loving calgary’s “winter” weather. it was 14 degrees today and i didn’t wear a jacket.

friendship marshmallows

we ended up buying matching camp brand toques and delicious fiasco marshmallows to sample and share – we couldn’t pick a favourite, all flavours were decadent.

move aside friendship bracelets. friendship toques and friendship marshmallows are now a thing. spread the word!

the afternoon then led to an impromptu photo shoot for Heather’s yoga teacher profile.

heather yoga

..and Jess just being an adorable badass.

jess grafitti

then stops into plant, the uncommons and adorn, which got us hungry again.

without papers pizza

pizza at without papers it was, because pizza! and because it was right next to adorn boutique where we ended the shopping day.

without papers pizza

dessert pizza was a must. cinnamon ricotta, banana and nutella. oh ya, it was exactly how you’d imagine it to be. *drooool*

so much food today, and such fantastic conversation with these ladies.

you’d never know that the three of us just very recently became friends in september thanks to dance class. these ladies are such gems and it feels like i’ve known them all my life.

inglewood friendship

i just love laughing photos so much.

how did you spend your sunday?