add a year…or 30.

last week i got a sneak peek at the calgary auto show thanks to Ford Canada.

it’s always an overwhelming experience of the latest and greatest for this gal with a 14 year-old car. everything is always so shiny.

Ford Canada Mustangi don’t think the mustang will ever go out of style. it’s just one of those classic cars. i’ve always wanted to drive in one. anyone have one they can take me on a joy ride in? i’m driving!

Ford Canada Hank

i made sure to say hi the Hank, and compliment him on his stylish hat. even Hank knows that cowboy threads will be a crowd pleaser in this town.

speaking of Hank, the Ford Canada display is also always ahead of the curve in vehicular engineering.  i got to speak with an ergonomics engineer about the design process and elements that go into the engineering of a Ford vehicle and had the rare opportunity to test Ford Canada’s “third age suit” first hand.

the suit gives the wearer the sensation that they have aged 30 years, and allows an individual to experience the reduced flexibility, limited joint movement, and coordination impairment that comes with aging. with this suit, along with a pregnancy suit and other, the engineers can properly design vehicles for these populations.

Ford Canada

the suit is made up of a waist cincher, leg weights with suspenders, a 15 lbs. vest, leg and arm braces, and a collar.

all of the elements made it very difficult to keep proper posture. all i wanted to do was hunch forward to my knees in order to stop my back from aching.

Ford F150i was then challenged to get into a Ford F150 while wearing the suit. at 5’5″, it’s rather difficult for me to climb in and out of trucks as it is, but with the addition of the third age suit it became quite a performance. i had a difficult time lifting my legs into the truck because of the the limited range of motion from the leg braces. once one was in i held onto the support handle and pulled myself into the drivers seat, not an easy task thanks to the extra weight strapped to my chest.

with the suit, my body felt between 60-70 years old. my first thought was to go hug my parents because i felt sad thinking their bodies felt this way.

my second thought was to continue on my track of living a healthy and active lifestyle to limit the effects of aging on my body. we all know exercise will keep the musculoskeletal system strong and slow the loss of bone tissue, but putting on the suit and experiencing the feeling really shocks the system.

do you go to the auto show? does aging freak you out?