make it extreme.

i’m always searching for a great workout. what’s going to make me a sweaty mess and leave me delightfully sore the next day?

so when i received an invitation from beachbody canada to try a 21 day fix extreme live class with creator Autumn Calabrese in calgary two weeks ago i jumped all over it.

i wasn’t in the know about Autumn or 21 day fix extreme, but i did know a bit about beachbody. i remember an ex trying 10-minute trainer – the time-condensed version of p90x – and a friend introduced me to insanity (i only just watched the fit test and was out of breath).

autumn calabrese 21 day fix extreme

but when the website descriptions says:

you want easy? try another workout. 21 day fix extreme is only 3 weeks, but when you show up at my party you’d better be ready to get serious if you want serious results.

i knew i was in for a treat.

autumn calabrese 21 day fix extremeit was just me and 600 of my closest friends.

i didn’t know what i was in for. but with the word extreme in the title, i gathered it was going to be an achey sweatfest. i was right!

Autumn had us doing exercises like surrenders, pushups, jump lunges, hip dips, side planks, skates lunges, leg raises, and more. in just 30 minutes, using only bodyweight, i was a puddle of sweat and burning muscles.

autumn calabrese 21 day fix extreme

she may look teeny, adorable and unassuming, but Autumn is a small package of dynamite. the girl will kick your butt and smile about it. almost two weeks later and i still haven’t fully grown back the missing skin on my knees or rid myself of the rug burn on my forearms (part Autumn, part working out in a carpeted facility).

though i didn’t experience it, 21 day fix extreme (and the regular non-extreme version) also comes with a nutrition guide and colour-coded food containers to take the guesswork out of eating. you’ll know exactly how much of each macronutrient you should be having. there is no wiggle room for treats or cheats in Autumn’s plan, but it is only 21 days. nutrition is such an important part of the equation and mixed with her crazy workouts, i can see how anyone can get results.

have you ever tried a beachbody program? what’s the largest group fitness class you’ve taken?

photos thanks to beachbody canada.