and then.

  • it’s one of those weeks. my yoga mat has been my best friend and favourite place to be. when i’ve needed to just melt into a puddle and cry it has been there for me….and then i read this love letter from my mat and it all was spot on.
  • sister comes through like every friday with a big dose of positivity….and then i  put on cake batter chapstick, and sang beauty & the beast songs while i smelled like vanilla with rainbow sprinkles cake.

national siblings day

  • speaking of sister, it’s national siblings day. that weirdo is my favourite person on the planet….and then i realize we’re even weirder together so it’s even that much better.
  • i was pretty intrigued to meet a tinder stranger this week, but sadly he ended up unjustifiably cocky and i went to an event dateless… and then i ended up with numerous dates because these are the most lovely people.


  • i signed up for two 5km races in may because i’m all about facing my fears this year…and then wondered why i’d do that because i can’t remember the last time i went for a run.
  • if you’re in calgary do yourself a favourite and go see kurios – the newest cirque production. i went to see it last night and i rank it at the top of the three i’ve seen…and then i googled circus classes.

what’s an “and then” moment you’ve had lately?