make yourself proud.

…which should really read: make your own damn self proud, but you know, seo and swearing and stuff.

let’s talk about sunday and my return to running at the Shoppers Drug Mart Run for Women.

it only seemed fitting that the race was to support women’s mental health in calgary as it was a hard week for me in terms of mental health: some low points, lots of tears, and a half-hopeful trip to the therapist.

i arrived at edworthy park (one of my favourite places in the city and the spot of my leg-breaking fall) on sunday morning weary of what was ahead of me since i’m no runner. i set myself up for a run/walk mix of 5km knowing that as long as i crossed the finish line i was happy. there were no expectations and was trying to practice some kindness for myself.


i was excited to share the day with Angela and Kaella and got to watch as they took off for their 10km.

my 5k started 10 minutes later. the crowd counted down from 10 as i cranked up my ipod and settled into the middle of the pack. my playlist, btw, was amazing (read: mostly 80s girl pop singer like Tiffany)

the start is always slow but once the group opened up, i found a steady pace. i tried to keep the self-talk to a minimum and take in as much of the surroundings as possible. the course through edworthy park is basically a Lydia Maria Child poem.

over the river and through the woods…

i felt strong in my legs, and in my lungs. i guess all the surfset i’ve done (and then bitched about) was good for my cardio endurance. i passed kilometre markers with ease and even found myself passing people. at that point i made it my goal to keep pushing when my mind told me to walk. i had to make it to the next marker and then the next.

around my 3.5km mark got to see both girls on the course, which made me smile and added a little extra pep in my step as we waved at each other.

i am super happy to report that i ran straight through until just after kilometre 4, where i took a small walk break before getting back to it.

knowing i’d get to the finish line before the gals i got to snap a few photos of them crossing the finish line and celebrate with them as they set new personal bests.


London holding up his #1 – which kind of looks like rocker horns – might be my favourite.

i checked the clock a bit after i crossed the line and it flashed around the same time as my last 5km race. i didn’t give it much worry until after i got home and thought about how strong i felt running compared to my last race. i checked the online reporting and realized that the clock was set to the 10km start time not the 5km time starting 10 minutes later.

turns out i PR’d, too! i took approximately 7 minutes off my 5km time. i feel so sparkly!


thankfully Kaella was able to snap this photo for me, because i was in my own world on the course and only seemed to notice the race photographers when it was too late – which is so weird for me, because usually i can spot and pose for a camera a mile away. i’m interested to see what my race photos will look like. here’s what i’m thinking: not smiling, terrified deer in headlights look, or hardcore resting bitch face. so maybe they won’t be the ones i purchase.

i really enjoyed the atmosphere of this race and the ability to run it with so many strong women – both friends and strangers – and the men and boys who support these women. i’d highly suggest you taking part if there is a race in your hood (canadian cities).

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