four eyes.

a nickname i’ve come to love, i’ve been a “four eyes” since five or six. at that age, they were something to be embarrassed about; it wasn’t until i was older (read: three years ago) that i embraced my poor vision as a fashion choice.

what better way to express your personal style than on your face? that is until i went looking and realized that the popular designer frames available just left me looking like everyone else.

then i found polette eyewear.


an online optician with no brands and not selling you any designers. instead, they distinguish themselves from the traditional pattern by offering frames from their own workshops. from retro and vintage designs, to classic and eccentric, the purpose is to allow anyone to afford style and quality.

my most recent choice: the gingerbread eyeglassestrès adorable plus customized to my astigmatism.

usually my prescription can cost a pretty penny, but polette takes out the middle man. we’re talking offer super affordable prices (lenses from $9.99 to $89.99) – those are dollar figures i can stomach, says the girl with no benefit coverage for optical.

it also allows you to get two or three pairs, because you’re never quite sure how you need to express yourself…

DSC_0763you can even get their sunnies adjusted to your eyesight. or wear any of their frames as fashion lenses if you have 20/20 vision, and i hate you.

these are the most fabulous, gold-armed parisienne sunglasses. just in time for summer, their newest sunnies collection is online.

want a pair of super stylish sunglasses of your own? lucky for you, i’m giving away a pair.

enter the rafflecopter giveaway below and make sure to like polette on facebook, instagram and twitter! you’ll be happy you did for fashion inspiration alone.

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photos snapped in the most delightful neighbourhood of kensington and in the bathroom at the plaza theatre (during fairytales film fest! eeee!) by the amazing miss jess o’connor.