ladies who lunch.

my coworker, Caryn, and i have been on quite the fitness kick lately. i introduced her to barre, we’ve sweat in spin and cursed our way through surfset class. it’s really great to have a buddy to workout with and keep you accountable to showing up.

for all of our hard work and effort we decided a really nice lunch one thursday afternoon post-yoga class would be the perfect treat. destination: Hy’s Steakhouse in downtown calgary on stephen ave.


Hy’s is a rather new addition to the walkable avenue in calgary’s core. still shy of it’s one year anniversary, it’s know for locations in whistler, vancouver, winnipeg, toronto and ottawa.

we did a pretty fast-paced flow, so our tummies were grumbling by the time we arrived for a late lunch. there was no waiting for mains – we dug into appetizers and started with the dungeness crab cake.

q-vH__BFJmNFv2wHZSmEYYsWZfrnrkkCIQTr7gayjvw and then the cheese toast for two. because when the menu says “famously irresistible since 1955” you listen and order the cheese toast.


you know what? i get it! it’s buttery and garlicky with melted cheese on delicious white bread. tell me something wrong with it? you can’t!

for the mains, Caryn went with the prime beef burger.


i wasn’t the most hungry after scarfing down half a basket of cheese toast, but knew i still needed to order steak since that is their specialty, so i went with the marinated steak salad.


it was as delicious as it looks, and there was no skimping on the steak – such a huge portion.

from the friendly hostesses, to the attentive servers, Caryn and i had a fantastic meal. thanks for a great lunch, Hy’s. cheers to you – with a glass of bubbles, because why wouldn’t i?!


do you have a Hy’s near you? what’s your favourite lunch spot to treat yourself?