may i introduce mat.

my pet name for april’s horrible dating streak is “three strikes and you’re out.” after giving my head a shake for the third time in less than 30 days, i knew it was time to take a break from dating. i deleted all of my online profiles and apps and banned the “d word” from my vocabulary.

…that is until i met mat.

*insert all the heart eyes emojis here.*

he is tall (6 ft.), pretty skinny and a ginger.

mat and i met at yoga santosha, where he talked me into the weekday yoga challenge: at least 20 yoga classes during the month of may. he promised to be supporting me every step of the way.


that’s right, for the month of may, i dated my yoga mat.

at a time where my confidence was at an all-time low, and i seemed to misplace my self-esteem and dignity, mat was the only one who could help.

we entered each class with the intention to be kind to me and remain open to all sorts of love.

mat taught me to be strong.


when i first met mat i often looked down at my feet. while i have the cutest collection of shoes, life is a lot more interesting ahead or above me.

mat taught me to be confident in my decisions and ask for help when i didn’t know my next move. mat offered me adjustments to get me back on the right path.

mat is a cuddler.


and sometimes he even likes to be the little spoon. when i just wanted to hang out and be held, mat was there. he held me tight but softly and made me feel protected and supported.

he let me cry and never judged me for doing so. he didn’t ask which were happy tears and which were sad tears, mat just wiped them away when shed.

mat turned my world upside down.


i’ve never fell as quickly or as deeply as i did for mat. he got me to completely surrender. mat taught me to trust him and do things that scared me/that i’d never regularly do.

when we hit our third week together i needed a break. i’m an independent lady, so spending every day with someone started getting on my nerves. mat, it’s not you, it’s me. i just needed some space.

two days away from mat, and i started to miss him. the next day – and the two after that – we spent the whole night together.

we even woke up at 5 a.m. to spend the morning together before going to work.

mat taught me not to take myself so seriously.


mat laughed with me when i fell out of half moon pose, or fought falling asleep during nidra, or slipped out of the ropes on the great yoga wall.

at the end of the month i didn’t want it to end. we don’t see each other every day anymore, but we’re really happy together. i think mat is one i’m going to keep around for a while.

photos by allison bridgman.

do you have a serious relationship with a mat of your own?