zakia’s morocco ghassoul clay mask review.

i have been having some issues with my skin lately. in these situations i always turn to healing the inside to fix the outside – my nutrition has included many more greens and much less ice cream and i’ve also been chugging so much water.

but internal fixes take a lot of time to work their magic, and sometimes a girl just has zero patience. so when i was able to test out the moroccan ghassoul clay mask from Zakia’s Morocco, i jumped all over it.

it is a weekly mask with natural and organic clay from deep inside the ancient atlas mountains of morocco. when i read that it’s the perfect skin treatment for cleaning, detoxifying, toning and rejuvenating, i hoped it would give me that healthy glow my skin has been missing.

unlike most conventional face masks where you just squeeze the goop out of a package and slather it on your face, this comes as a powdered clay.

here’s how you make it a mask:

  • place one large tablespoon of ghassoul is a bowl.


  • mix approximately 5 tablespoons of water with the clay until it forms the consistency of thin cookie dough.

it works on a 1:5 ratio – but mine seemed to come out a bit thin…maybe my measurements were off.


  • use a spatula or fingers (i used my fingers) to apply a thin layer to your face.
  • let mask dry for approximately 10 minutes while it absorbs unwanted skin grease, removes facial impurities and blackheads.


also make sure to apply your mask so it gives you the illusion of the most fierce jawline. it does wonders for your selfie game. it’s important to note, while you’re taking selfies and being a goof, don’t let the mask fully dry as it becomes more difficult to remove.

  • wash face with warm water to get all the clay off and reveal your healthy glowing skin.

it greatly helped remove the dry skin areas from my face and made my cheeks smooth like a baby’s bum. i had a bit of a red patch on my chin around some acne, but read that this could happen for 10-15 minutes post-mask and it just means your skin is still detoxifying. the redness faded quickly.

i also like that this is a weekly mask. it doesn’t require too much commitment from me, and isn’t every day.

ghassoul can also be used as a complete body mask or hair mask. i had some left over after applying it to my face and decided to see how it worked on my knees. i have this strange rash/small pimples on my knees and they have been super dry. all of this has happened in the last two days, and it’s weirding me out. so as my face mask settled, so did my knees (note to you: i decided not to photograph that, because knees are weird). i am super impressed to say that the majority of the bumps disappeared once i washed off the mask; there are still a few – i wasn’t expecting miracles, but still got amazing results.

you can order your own clay – or any other product on their website – and get 20% off  with my discount code: ZMBLOG-186.

what do you do when your skin starts acting up?

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