spartan workout plan.

i didn’t even start out this year with a goal to do things that terrified me, it just all started to fall into place: i took a crossfit fundamentals program and loved every workout, i ran my first race in years, and then a few more since, and took part in my first month-long yoga challenge.

shy of wearing a bathing suit in public, i’ve been crossing off fears left and right and realizing what my body is actually capable of. a task that often goes unnoticed since my mind is a cruel little thing who likes to tell me i can accomplish nothing.

i have a few more fears in mind that i’d like to conquer before the summer is over, but one stands out more than the rest.

i signed up for my first obstacle course race, and not just any OCR, but the queen of them all: Spartan Race.


completing an OCR has been on my mind since i stepped foot into victoria park crossfit in march. could i do it?

i can’t climb a rope, i have almost no upper body strength, and the thought of cutting myself open on barbwire makes me pout. the things i do have going for me though are the complete delusion that this is going to be fun, a “why the heck not” attitude, and the support of my amazing friend Heather who has decided to run it with me. that, and the understanding that i’ll be doing a lot of burpees.


so i’m doing it. on sunday, august 16. i’ll put on my tough-girl face and pull up my compression socks and see who comes out the other side. i know what you’re thinking, and you’re right, there’s a medal!

i really have no specific training plan set, i’m just ramping everything up. more surf, more running, more strength training, more burpees. and then more burpees.

incase you’re as lost as i am when it comes to implementing a training plan, spartan race canada has introduced a Workout Tour. led by a certified spartan coach, you’ll learn exercises to help you over the toughest obstacles. you’ll also get a “i’m training for a spartan race” t-shirt as part of the $10 registration fee – part going to charity – which is more than totally worth it for a two-hour workout alone, let alone the great swag.

here’s the details on calgary’s workout tour stop:

spartan race calgary workout tour
where: In the Altadore neighborhood of Calgary (register to receive the exact location!)
date: saturday, july 25
when: 10 a.m. – 12 p.m.
cost: $10.00 (partial proceeds go to charity)
what to bring: Some water, a towel, and friends!
register here

zl6EHjG3L7ysvT5JSxV75d8GWhf6raGUHvvTzR4WLQ0sadly, i work at the yoga studio on saturday mornings so i’m unable to make it. someone go and pick me up the t-shirt! a total want.

want to run the spartan race with me in calgary on sunday, august 16? enter the giveaway below. you must at least leave a comment on the blog telling me how you’d train for it!

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i’m totally crazy, right?!