stretch and shine.

my stampede 2015 experience started on a healthy note (to be honest, it continued that way as well, because i don’t really drink or party or stay out late; basically, i’m a grandma, but not a cool one like betty white).3RVTd5DTJC_AahWByEhw3CV6pUlXAQApY3Z0mDwVw6U

on sneak-a-peek stampede day, i ditched my cowboy boots for bare feet and plaid for lululemon to take part in the greatest collaboration between junction 9 yoga & pilates, barre body studio and studio revolution.

41UqD9SCffmmk5VvuzRUd_IpXsYz7d_WKoiXfmxM0Rwup on the rooftop of junction 9, i was surrounded by the amazing communities of three local sweat spots to barre, surf and yoga the night away.

Cdyk161rKZkF_zIharDrh_7v1LsE0tyJUZSAGbGp36wthe energy was contagious and the night involved a great deal of laughter and hugs (because of, and thanks to, Jess and Mal). which was a really nice distraction from the leg shaking and ab torture that was also experienced.


though i have done a great deal of grumbling about surf around s&s, i am starting to warm up to it. that being said, it’s still really hard, and i’m not good at it, and it can still get me grumpy.


occasionally i’ll find myself having fun atop the board (when i’m not falling off of it). the night reminded me that my love of barre and yoga are still burning bright.


it also showed the true passion for fitness, for innovation and for community that these leaders have. the women that guided us through the night are some of the most genuine and sweet ladies you may ever meet. they are driven and succeeding in their fields, and encouraging everyone else to be their best, as well.

FiWesijUJVhepJvd5nIP4WageVLwp1AfPXj7hXvG2Ycif this was a photo of me, you’d see my cheeks flooded with tears. i blame the most epic, soulful playlist and the beauty of the evening for that – yes, i cry all the time. it’s just something that happens.


it all ended with a spectacular view of the stampede fireworks – cue more tears – and root beer floats made with true buch root beer kombucha and vanilla bean fiasco gelato. they were as delicious as you’re imagining them to be!

have you ever taken a rooftop class?

a huge thank you to Caryn Kilback for being awesome and Matthew Nelson and Ethan Blackwell for snapping photos all night.