foothills frenzy.

my scheming yesterday totally worked and i convinced a friend to wake up far too early on a sunday to nature walk with me in the foothills today.

i was super nice and showed up with starbucks and baked-by-me blueberry buttermilk muffins. i feel it’s the least i could do. plus, i’ll take any excuse to play motown and have a dance party in the kitchen.



my baking skills were repaid with willingness to take photos of me overlooking the mountains. it’s harder than you think to find people to take some photos. life is hard sometimes, guys.

we settled on the fullerton loop at bragg creek because it’s only 45 minutes out of the city, but still has some scenic views. i’m glad i didn’t go into the rockies, because the traffic getting back was supposedly a mess and i would have 100% been late for work. phew!

because we finished the 7.6km loop much faster than we thought, we came back into calgary and explored bowmont park in the northwest part of calgary that is along the northern bank of the bow river. there are dozens of bike and walking trails throughout the park; we explored for a few hours and still managed to leave huge parts of the trails untouched. there is always next time!

happiness is seeing the rocky mountains on a clear day.

what made you happy today?