best life project.

thanks to everyone for the lovely birthday wishes yesterday! it feels pretty good to officially be in my 30s.

i can’t think of a better way to have spent the day. beautiful weather and a bright blue sky were a perfect setting for the first day of my mountain super long weekend adventure.

for quite a while now all i’ve wanted was to spend my 30th birthday hiking, and because i had a pretty long trek in store for me, i brought my favourite friends Vega along for the ride. their #bestlifeproject is everything i love: eating, moving, recharging, connecting, and going on adventures.


i also had my favourite adventure buddy in tow; sister is here for 10 days to enjoy the mountains and celebrate my birthday. she’s kind of the greatest.


would you look at the larches?!

we decided on hiking at lake lousie because there are so many different trails and mountains to choose from. i pushed for the big beehive hike, since my last attempt at it three weeks ago was thwarted by fresh snowfall and thick clouds. it made for stunning photos, but didn’t let me get close to the summit.


sister agreed to my suggestion of forging towards the big beehive summit. mostly because she had to because it was my birthday.

one of the things i like this most about this hike is there are plenty of beautiful pit stops along the way, that your eyes, lungs and legs will all be happy to come across.

they are also great places to have a snack and refuel.


after 2.7 km you run into mirror lake, which has an overwhelming view of the big beehive that would convince almost anyone that it wasn’t possible to summit.

after another 800m, a waterfall and a set of stairs, you come to lake agnes and the tea house. this is a cute place to stop and rest and if you have cash on you, you can purchase something from the tea house. with just a few seats, it’s quite busy, but earlier in the day you’ll run into less people.

DSC_1352the next step is to walk around the back of the lake where the steep switchbacks start taking you to the big beehive summit.

after one and a half switchbacks on labour day weekend i had to pull the plug and turn around since the snow was making the steep trail quite slippery.

not the case this time, the snow had all melted and the summit was in sight after a few exhausting passes.

DSC_1394 my first “real” summit on the afternoon of my 30th birthday! if i wasn’t slightly dehydrated i’m sure i would have cried.

ok, so i actually cried twice on the drive out to the mountains in the morning because i was so excited.


thanks, Vega, for helping me get to the top!

after returning back to lake agnes, you can take a different path to head to the little beehive.


since we had no other plans except for checking in to our hotel and going for dinner at some point, we decided to take the road less traveled (seriously, we only passed two other couples) and complete the beehive pair.

and is it ever worth it – if just for the photos alone!


the best.birthday.ever!

and it gets better: Vega is helping me spread the birthday love, and gifting one s&s reader with a tub of their Protein & Greens powder and a shaker cup!

for your chance to win, enter the rafflecopter below. make sure you at least leave a comment telling me how you fuel your adventures!

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