call for change.

when you were a kid what did you want to be when you grew up? a doctor? a police man? a firetruck?

i’m not sure i ever made up my mind when i was younger, but my actions would prove differently.

most of my childhood memories are of me standing on the fireplace mantel singing and dancing to whatever song i had just recently learned; often into my fisherprice microphone and tape recorder.

of course, this was not done without a forced audience. my poor parents.

as i got older, i graduated from the tape recorder and mantel to karaoke machines and coffee tables, or hair brushes, or wooden spoons, or pens.

in my teen years i decided that i should expand my poetry skills and become a song writer. more specifically, i decided to rewrite Miss You Like Crazy by The Moffatts so it was a two-sided piece. fyi, i would also have been the one performing the rewritten girl part along side Scott, Clint, Bob and Dave…if that wasn’t obvious by now.

yup, an admission of The Moffitts fandom. you’re welcome.

the longest story short: performing was my passion – heck, i still sing any chance i get, like in the car, or when running, or any other spot that makes me look crazy – and i was encouraged to do so every step of the way.

i think kids should always be encouraged to follow their passions and dream as big as possible. that’s why i was so excited to hear that fellow Toronto native Francesco Yates has teamed up with TELUS and MTV to remix his hit song ‘Call’.

they are creating the social anthem of our generation as part of We Day, an initiative of Free The Children, that is a celebration of youth making a difference in their local and global communities.

TELUS is super passionate about motivating young minds to create change through the power of technology. technology gives people a voice and an audience. with the help of Canadians, TELUS, MTV and Francesco Yates are creating a social anthem that will inspire youth to change the world.

now is your chance to join the #CallForChange and be a part of Francesco Yates’ new music video by sharing a video of yourself singing, dancing or jamming to the chorus of ‘Call.’ upload your video to Twitter or Instagram before september 20 with the hashtag #CallForChange to submit. for every video shared, TELUS will donate $10 to Free The Children. they are kind of amazing, guys.

Francesco Yates will perform the #CallForChange at each stop of the Canadian We Day tour, where the new music video will be featured. it debuts on october 1 at We Day Toronto. Calgary’s We Day is on october 27!

start practicing your performance! for more details on how to participate, head on over to

are you a performer by nature? what’s your favourite song to sing along to?

all this great information brought to you in partnership with TELUS.