got that giddy up.

i’m not that country, much more rock and roll, but when i have an opportunity to put on my boots and head to a ranch, i do it. and then i take Katey along with me.


my most favourite fashion is anything that can be both pretty and practical. our boots definitely meet that test.

thanks to GMC Canada and Klout perks, i got to take a GMC canyon for an extended long weekend test drive.


we’ve chatted about this before on s&s, but i’m a city driver in a small, old car. getting behind the wheel of a four door truck was something very different. even though it’s on the smaller side of the GMC make up of trucks it was still quite large for me. driving it downtown was a bit overwhelming – i felt like i was taking up both lanes – but getting it out onto the highway was a lot of fun.

it also came fully equipped with xm sirius radio, which means we had a #gmcdanceparty on the drive out to the ranch. 90s on 9 is my jam and i will never be embarrassed about it.

Katey and i meet up with a few other adventurers at OH Ranch just outside of longview, ab for some fun. mostly marketing and social media people, which makes sense because: klout.

we took our canyons off roading around the ranch which is something like 8,000 acres of land with a few barns, some horses and plenty of cows that get to roam the grounds and enjoy the view of the mountains.


the cows were not as big of fans as we were about the GMC canyons. but they are posers and did seem to love getting their photo taken. the little calves were my favourite, they are pretty adorable.

we also got to get out of the trucks occasionally to explore the grounds and the barns along the way.

but really, you try to pass that gate without stopping to take the most adorable photos. you can’t.

after a stop for lunch, we got to explore more of the ranch with a different kind of horsepower.


we were separated in to two groups: those who had never been on a horse, and those who felt pretty comfortable with them. i fall into the latter. while i didn’t grow up on horses, i enjoy riding them and can guide one well enough.

as we were waiting around to be matched with our horses and get saddled up, the only buckskin of the group (beige coat with black points – mane, tails, lower legs) found a way to untie itself from the fence and start wandering around the inclosure.

a troublemaker! definitely a horse after my heart. i made a silent wish that he would be mine.


of course he was mine! there would be no better pair. everyone, meet Clancy. such a beautiful and well behaved horse, with only a touch of trouble.

once all assigned, we played follow the leader and toured some parts of the ranch that we couldn’t access by truck. the majority of the ride had views of the mountains from the gorgeous foothills. i did not want this portion to end. maybe i’m a bit more country than i think.


what else did i do with my canyon? took it back to the mountains so i could hike to the ink pots!

are you comfortable driving a truck? even in the city?