leather together.

my birthday is a week today. eep! and i’m turning 3-0. i’m actually having a much easier time with 30 than i did with 29. i was really not okay last year.

this time of year always makes me think of my childhood birthday parties, where my parents would have all my friends over for a pool party, order one of those grocery store slab cakes with a few pounds of sugary icing, and everyone would leave with a loot bag that i put together.

for my 25th birthday i had girlfriends over for dinner and they each left with a loot bag. childhood things like disney princess pencils and bubble gum, and adult things like shot glasses and mini bottles of champagne filled each one.

i haven’t done anything like that since, it’s been kept rather simple since i moved out west and they’ve been spent alone or out at a simple lunch. but recently i got to do an activity that i think would make a great adult birthday party.

you see, i always love the idea of diy. that is until i try to make my own rules, or my type-a’ness takes over and whatever i do just doesn’t seem to be perfect enough.

i tried to put all of this aside when i stepped into kat marks design studio for a very fun leather together diy night.


katy, tanya, dan (instagram links, because we all love to creep) and me joined kat in her studio space for a leather together workshop where we each got to make our own travel bag tag.


the first task was to pick our colour. there were many choices, and with no experience of what would look good or dry the best, i drifted towards my favourite colour – blue – and an accent that i thought would work – purple. also, dark oceany tones were my thing that day. i had just given blood, maybe i was also a bit out of it.


the next step was to hand stamp our tags. we had our pick of numerous letters, numbers and symbols. i, of course, immediately found the heart symbol and pounded away with my rubber mallet until it was good an visible.


it’s a travel tag, so i thought one of my favourite quotes was in order: not all those who wander are lost.

after we were done pounding out our letters (and frustrations), kat walked us through the leather dying process and our pieces started to gain some life.


while our creations dried, we chatted and knocked back a few bevvies from village brewery.

the final step was to add a few stitches around the edge to fuse the pieces together, attach the hardware and our bag tags were complete. the finished products are all so unique; definitely a fun way to express your creativity. and it costs less than a dinner out, too!


how fun would this be for a bridal party, or girl’s night, or a 30th birthday? ;) Kat does everything from bag tags, to bracelets, to satchels. want to plan your own? send an email to info@katmarks.com.

have you ever made anything from leather? what colour(s) would you have picked?